How to Display an American Flag on a Motorcycle

Motorcycle flag

Proper flag etiquette for displaying an American flag on a motorcycle

American flag on a motorcycle

Everyone looks forward to summer and just as soon as it comes it seems to turn to fall again. But with summer comes more motorcycles and bikes rides as a fun way to enjoy the nice weather. Many motorcyclists like to display flags on their bikes, but before you hit the road, make sure your flags are displayed properly!

If you plan to fly only the American Flag, it should be placed at the center on your motorcycle on the rear fender or ‘bumper’ of the bike, or to the ‘marching right,’ the flag’s own right (the observer’s left). If the American Flag is flown with one other flag, it should be to its ‘marching right,’ otherwise flying centered with multiple flags.

Any flag that is flown with the American Flag on a motorcycle needs to be the same size, if not smaller, than the American Flag. The American Flag is placed in the center of all flags being flown, as well as flying the highest. Other flags should be arranged in alphabetical order and in decreasing importance; national flags first, state flags next, military flags in order of establishment, followed by any other flags.

If you are flying the flag of another nation, it should be the same size and height as the American Flag. If you plan to fly the American Flag with several other non-national flags (such as the POW/MIA, ALR, Eagles, Service Banners, etc.), it should be at the center and flying higher than all other flags.

Happy riding!

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